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Quality Certification

Since 1996 PALAZZOLI is certified UNI ISO 9001 which requires the development and sale of products of the highest quality in order to meet the client’s demands. PALAZZOLI’s performance is constantly monitored by strict Control Authorities who verify and attest that both our products and Customer Service conforms with the European and International quality standards. PALAZZOLI’s Test Laboratory is authorised by IMQ-IECEE to operate under the WMT (Witnessed Manufacturer’s Testing) regime which means that it can carry out tests which are valid for the purposes of product certification, under the supervision of the IMQ inspectors.

Therefore, PALAZZOLI can execute tests in its own in-house laboratory and this does speed up the product development activities offering to the end user a further guarantee of quality and performances.

IMQ-ATEX Certificate

IMQ1 Certificate

RINA Certificate

UL Certificate

UL CAN ST Certificate

VDE Certificate

CTF2 Certificate

CSQ Certificate

IQNet Certificate

CB Certificate

UKRAINA_UA1 Certificate

IMQ Tunnel

EX Certificate

XCEE rotoswitched sockets patent

XCEE rotoswitched sockets patent

IECEx Certificate